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Report by David King, Daniel Schrag, Zhou Dadi, Qi Ye and Arunabha Gosh of the CSaP, sponsored by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


Though conservative in a number of respects, this study is a critical piece of work as it makes clear that without radical change our current targets and plans to tackle climate change won’t be enough to prevent global emissions following a medium-to-high pathway (raising average global temperatures above the 2 degrees C globally agreed limit.) It damns the current political inertia affecting many nations on the issue of climate change.


The report looks in detail at the risks posed by this level of climate change to specific regions and Earth as a whole. These show the shocking, unacceptable consequences of climate inaction and should act as a critical part of the argument in all of our contexts to lobby decision makers to keep fossil fuels in the ground and to take action ourselves, galvanising us in our critical Yes to Life, No to Mining call.


Three useful documents:


1.) A summary of the report’s key findings by contributors and YLNM partners the Snowchange Cooperative.


2.) The policy brief.


3.) The full report.

 Yes to Life no to Mining.



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