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In a world where the population has become urbanized by almost 70%, where the number of megacities has grown considerably and unplanned growth of large cities creates pollution problems, it is vital to consider a change through local initiatives. That is why Buenos Aires City Government assumes responsibility for the GHG emissions generated by its 3.000.000 inhabitants and nearly 3.200.000 commuters. Considering Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in Latin America, the Government has decided to embark on a long-term effort to develop a comprehensive climate change adaptation strategy and reduce its contribution to global warming. Based on the GHG emissions inventory, Buenos Aires set the goal so as to reduce 30% of emissions below 2030 emissions in a BAU scenario. Besides, taking into consideration past events and future forecasts, the Government considers flood risk prevention and emergency response as the main priorities. However, the city government understands the need to go beyond this first step, establishing thus partial compliance goals every five years. After a thorough analysis of emission potential reduction for each mitigation sector, the city government set a 5% emission reduction target for 2015 in a BAU scenario. This work was done in conjunction with the rest of the departments involved, understanding the importance of an inter-ministerial work while dealing with a cross-cutting issue. The City has passed the Climate Change Act in September 2011, an action that confirms the decision of this government to grant climate change the importance it deserves, thus transforming it into a real and crossdisciplinary state policy. Yet, all megacities like Buenos Aires –whatever their location– are part of the problem, due to the effects of the use of energy, our urban way of life, transportation and consumption. Therefore, even though our responses are local, we are all in the quest for the same solutions. In this framework and through the GHG Inventory as a baseline in order to identify mitigation potential, the city government is aiming at using energy more efficiently, introducing efficient street lighting technologies, promoting efficient design and construction, incorporating renewable energy sources , transforming our means of transportation and managing waste in a more efficient way.

vía  Buenos Aires Ciudad – Gobierno de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.



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