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Twenty-six million bags are lost or delayed each year, equivalent to 8.8 pieces of luggage each per 1,000 passengers. The study by Sita, who are worth $2.6 million €1.9 million for the airline industry, with $100 per bad. Air France KLM and Airbus are to develop a concept to limit the loss of luggage.

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American airports see hoards of visitors pass through their terminals on a daily basis and they want to ensure that they return on future visits, which is why many examples across the country are eradicating the outdated image of terminals and airport facilities via multi-million dollar expansions and development projects. Revitalisation and modernisation is the best place for these American airports to start, and in some cases they are truly vital if they want to keep up with the competition.  Sixty-five percent of travel sites in France contain blunders or translation errors according to the latest study by TextMaster; professional translation services as well as writing and editing online content is estimated at over a 120 million euro loss each year. According to a study by SERNATUR, about two in five foreign tourists who entered Chile did so motivated by Chilean culture, heritage, and traditions, and that is why there is a strong urgency in promoting tourism development based on the country’s cultural heritage which has positive effects on cultural development.

The results of a recent survey by Millennial Media and comScore show some interesting trends in the behaviour of mobile travel consumers and the travel companies trying to earn their business. In 2013, the travel industry was the seventh largest brand vertical in mobile advertising and these businesses worked towards the main goals of promoting brand awareness and increasing mobile traffic with 33% of companies involved – 275 of which were airlines – targeting vacationers, 24% targeting business travellers and 16% targeting affluents.  Now a study by Google has shown that our interactions with these travel agents and other business may be more complex than first thought as we deal with them through multiple platforms and channels with different purposes.



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