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The World Needs Genetically Modified Foods — The Wall Street JournalThe World Needs Genetically Modified Foods — The Wall Street JournalSource: The Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2013Author: Robert Paarlberg[Article Summarized by Meridian Institute] In this opinion piece, Robert Paarlberg, a professor of political science at Wellesley College, writes that campaigns by well-fed activists to require the labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms GMOs will take important choices away from farmers and consumers in poor countries. If a mandatory labeling law was enacted in the U.S., says Paarlberg, America’s farmers could likely find an acceptable workaround, as much of the soy and corn grown in the U.S. is employed as feedstock for biofuels or as animal feed, neither of which requires a label. But, he argues, there would be a large downside in poor countries that are moving further along this path. Developing countries, he says, have significant unmet food needs, and GMO food crops could help. Golden rice, which contains vitamin A, could help those in Asia lacking this nutrient; in India, access to GMO eggplant would reduce the toxic exposure farmers and consumers get from pesticides; and, in East Africa, drought-resistant maize would help those farmers vulnerable to hunger and destitution when the rains don’t come. But, warns Paarlberg, “if America, through a labeling system, joins Europe in embracing a new norm against the cultivation of GMO crops for human food, governments in developing countries, already skittish thanks to activist campaigns, will likely follow suit. The result would be a needless setback for the world’s poorest and hungriest people.” more

via The Wall Street Journal | LinkedIn.


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