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1. Eaton Smart Hong Kong Hotel

1. Eaton Smart Hong Kong Hotel

380, Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Eaton Smart is an eco-friendly hotel with a classy touch for the green peace lovers. A brainchild of the Langham Hotels, Eaton Hong Kong is a magnificent edifice that is located at the heart of Kowloon. It is a cocooned place in the midst of the busy Temple Street and provides you with an ethereal touch of eco-friendliness. Right from the interior walls to the building materials used, the hotel meets every standard laid down by the EarthCheck mandate. This mandate is the basic criteria laid down by the Sustainable Tourism Co-operative Research Centre. The towels are re-used and this saves a lot of money and energy. Nearly half of the monetary savings are handed over in the form of liberal donations to the local NGOs, making it one of the most respected and liked eco-friendly hotels round the globe.

2. Philea Resort &Spa Melaka

2. Philea Resort &Spa Melaka

2040 Lot Jalan, Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia

What strikes you most as soon as you visit this resplendent resort is a tall coniferous “Go Green” tree made completely of old and discarded water bottles. This tree is 9 meters in height and sends a clear message about the importance of reuse and recycling of non bio-degradable materials such as plastic. This tree has now become a tourist attraction and speaks volumes about the serious efforts of the Philea Resort in adopting the sustainable pathway to green living, even in luxury. Most of the visitors are awed with the eco-friendly set up that is at once soothing and stylish. This resort is a one of the top resorts certified by the UNESCO World Heritage of Melaka City and is a true crusader of the green movement.

3. Orchard Garden Hotel

3. Orchard Garden Hotel

San Francisco, USA

The Orchard Garden is the pride of USA as it is most eco-friendly hotel in the modern din and bustle of a busy and diverse city like San Francisco. To adopt a green life style and applying it a hotel shows the eagerness to save nature and environmental reserves by using eco-friendly materials. It is built in compliance to the US Green Building Council and portrays a scenic picture of class and art to come up with a prized surrounding of elegance and splendor. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Bay Area with superior service and plush ambience and compels one to join the green movement. To add a feather in its cap, it has the coveted certification from LEED or the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, and was just the fourth to earn this distinction.

4. One Aldwych London Hotel

4. One Aldwych London Hotel

One Aldwych, London, United Kingdom

This eco-friendly hotel has all the qualities of an excellent and premium luxury resort of the United Kingdom. Being a five-star hotel, One Aldwych has adopted the green way of living in almost all spheres, including a vacuum drainage system, energy saving LED lights, chlorine-free swimming pool and green materials for interiors and exteriors. Visiting this hotel can be an awesome experience in environment sustainability and it makes you wonder about the numerous ways you can reduce your carbon footprints akin to One Aldwych. This completely green and eco-friendly hotel leads by example where the super rich meet the natural resulting in a magnificent canvas of luxury and tradition in the Covent Garden district in Westminster.



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